About Us
Nutrition Medicine is an organization
dedicated to educating health care
practitioners, scientists, and the
general public on the clinical aspects
of nutrition and vitamin therapy.
Elevate proficiency standards for the
clinical practice of Nutrition Medicine
Improve communication networks to
rapidly disseminate the accurate theory
and practice of Nutrition Medicine
Promote successful nutrition medicine
clinical practice models, which achieve
optimal outcomes for patients
Train the healthcare workforce in
Nutrition Medicine for the treatment
and prevention of chronic disease
The Organization for Nutrition Medicine was founded by Michael Lesser MD as successor to the Orthomolecular
Medical Society, which was founded by Dr. Lesser in 1975.
Pictured from left to right, Bernard Rimland,PhD, pioneer in probiotic treatment for autism, Irwin Stone P.C.A, biochemist behind the therapeutic use of Vitamin C, Walter C. Alvarez, MD “America's Family Doctor,” Speakers at the February 1976 Orthomolecular Conference.
In February of 1976 Dr. Lesser held the first Orthomolecular Medical Society Meeting at the Sheraton Palace Hotel In San Francisco, California. Speakers at the conference included Linus Pauling, among others.

Benjamin Feingold, MD, pioneering food allergist, who discovered the link between childhood behavioral issues and the consumption of foods with large amounts of artificial colors and sugars, presenting at the February 1976 Orthomolecular Conference, in San Francisco.

Orthomolecular Medical Society

Orthomolecular Medical Society Organizing Meeting, April 1976, Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.

From Left Richard Kunin, MD, Michael Lesser MD(founding President of the Orthomolecular Medical Society, and co-founder of Nutrition Medicine), George Fricke, MD, Linus Pauling PhD, Elizabeth Reese MD, Julian Whitaker MD, Bernard Rimland PhD
Walter C. Alvarez, MD pictured with Jay Patrick, Founder of Alacer Corporation, creator of “Emergen-C.”
A young Dr. Steve Levine, speaking in November of 1978 at the Orthomolecular Medical Conference held at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego California. Stephen Levine, Ph.D. would later found Nutricology one of the first companies dedicated to supplying physicians with vitamins.
The Organization for
Nutrition Medicine
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